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Withdrawal Policy Reminder

If you need to withdraw yourself or your child from a class, lesson, or ensemble program, please fill out the form on this page. PLEASE NOTE: In order to stop tuition payments, withdrawal notice must be submitted before the billing date (1st of the month for private lessons, 15th for group classes, please refer to schedule for ensembles). If you have any question, please email office@hunterdonarts.com or call us at 908-782-4943.


a) Private Lessons: There are no refunds for private lessons. All payments—including your pre-paid last month—are final and non-refundable. All weekly lessons offered by HAA in any given month will be charged in advance on the first day of each month. The number of monthly lessons will not be prorated for any reason, except for summer lessons (see below) and when you join HAA later in the month.
b) All other group classes and ensembles: In case of Spring Pre-Registration for Fall Semester, deposits and payments for group classes starting in September are refundable in full through August 31st. If you withdraw from classes up to four weeks into the semester, half of your tuition is refundable (after materials). For withdrawals in week five and later, deposits and payments for all classes are non-refundable.


HAA will pro-rate your tuition for up to 2 weeks during the months of July and August only and hold your spot while you are away. If your vacation is longer than 2 weeks and you do not wish to pay for lessons while away, you need to fill out the required Withdrawal Form at least 5 weeks in advance (see withdrawal policy above) and give up your spot at that time. HAA may offer your spot to another student as soon as your Withdrawal Form is submitted.


a) Private lessons: For these programs, students register only once. Following initial minimum commitment of 2 months, you will remain enrolled until you decide to withdraw. Private Lessons at HAA are offered year-round. There is no “end of the semester”. In order to stop the lessons (and charges) you must fill out a withdrawal form. Withdrawal Form for private lessons must be submitted to our office at least 7 days before the next billing date (1st day of each month) which should be at least 5 weeks before your last lesson. WITHDRAWAL NOTICES SUBMITTED OVER THE PHONE ARE NOT VALID.

b) Ensembles (choirs, rock bands, etc): Students register only once and will remain enrolled until they submit a Withdrawal Form. Withdrawal form must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the ensemble starts working on new music. New music is introduced on the first rehearsal following a performance. WITHDRAWAL NOTICES SUBMITTED OVER THE PHONE ARE NOT VALID.

c) Musikgarten and all other group classes: Students must re-register each year and are then automatically registered for 2 semesters/8 units (30 weeks for Musikgarten; 36 weeks for other group classes). Students who wish to withdraw must fill out and submit a Withdrawal Form before the dates listed below. WITHDRAWAL NOTICES SUBMITTED OVER THE PHONE ARE NOT VALID.

Students who withdraw after the listed dates will be charged the tuition balance for the upcoming semester, including materials (where applicable), IN FULL at time of withdrawal.

Withdrawal deadlines:

October 15, for classes running September through January,
February 15, for classes running January through June,
May 15, for classes running June through August.

I'd Like to Withdraw from Lessons or Classes