"ActinGarten 1"

ActinGarten | Ages 3-5


ActinGarten 1 (Ages 3-5) celebrates your child’s vivid imagination and love for dramatic play by inviting him to step into a world of make-believe! Children are encouraged to let loose their imagination, while using basic theatre concepts and skills such as character development, line memorization, story cues, body movement, facial expression, simple props and costumes to convey storylines. Princesses, frogs, and piglets come to life in our classroom and interact with each other...for about 45 minutes. They will magically turn into boys and girls again at the end of class when we hand them back to you. :-)  

Learning Goals

ActinGarten 1 is designed to build on your child’s self-confidence, expression, and newly- found independence. At the same time, it will encourage children to work as a group and begin to rely on their classmates as “cast mates.” Through activities that explore the connection between characters and the way they feel, speak, act and react to events, your child will enhance his/her ability to tell a story through performance with their peers.


  • Increase your child's confidence through public speaking
  • Develop your child's imagination, creative thinking and problem solving through practice in beginning improvisation
  • Enhance your child’s ability to express emotion through facial expression, movement and simple language through deeper exploration of character emotions and actions
  • Assist your child in further expansion of vocabulary, simple line memorization and cues, and understanding of directions


  • Body movement exercises that encourage students to convey a character’s emotions through movement
  • Use of familiar short stories to encourage simple responses, line memorization and line cues
  • Introduction of students playing their own roles in classroom performances, rather than full group responses
  • Full group team building exercises that engage students as a "cast" working together to tell a story

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