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Faculty of the Month: Brian Green, Guitar


This month, we are spotlighting Brian Green, one of our most successful Guitar Teachers. We’re fortunate for having Brian on board, and can’t wait to share with you the interview we had with him.

When did you start playing music and what inspired you to get started? My parents always had music playing, many different genres. I’ve always felt deeply about sounds that I would hear in music, and lyrical meaning through melody impacted me a lot. I began playing music around age 10 when my parents had me take piano lessons. I remember doing well but not being very interested in practicing at the time. I think the lessons only lasted a couple of years. I did much better when, as a teenager, I joined bands and was learning on my own. It was later in my adulthood that I really began to take music seriously enough to formally study it and try to better my understanding of music. I’ve always been inspired by the creative element of music and music’s ability to change us. 

Why did you choose guitar as your instrument, and what is special about it (in your opinion)? I love theBrian_Green_Guitar_Teacher_Flemington_NJ diversity of sound that guitars can produce, from the intimacy of playing solo arrangements and chordal melodies to playing electric guitar through a pedal board and creating interesting effects. I like the challenge that it has to offer, particularly in terms of blending chord harmonies and single note melodies.

You have your own band. Can you tell our readers more about it? I’ve recently been performing in two bands, The Poet, Ebenezer and Sourland. Both of these bands fall into the indy rock genre. Currently, Sourland is the band I am performing more consistently with, playing gigs in Lambertville, New Hope, and various other Hunterdon County venues.

You are very successful as a guitar teacher and you have a very high student retention rate. What is your secret? Every student is different and learns differently. My goal as a teacher is to help my guitar students become the best musicians they can be and to be sensitive to each student’s needs. I seek to foster a positive experience in the classroom and help to guide them in their own personal, musical journey. I also feel that vulnerability as a teacher is important, and also to allow myself to be taught by my students. There are so many things that students are trying to understand that they inevitably ask questions, or bring up certain ideas that really cause me to think hard and learn. A bass guitar teacher that I had for a while told me that “if you teach once, you learn twice…” As a teacher I also have to remain a student and I think that is reflected onto my students and hopefully inspires them to continue studying and learning, and most importantly to enjoy playing music, because that is what it is all about.

What do you enjoy about being part of the Hunterdon Academy of the Arts community? Hunterdon Academy of the Arts has been a fantastic community to be part of. Everyone is friendly and attentive to both students and teachers.

Other than music, what are your interests and hobbies? I love surfing, reading, riding my bike, walking in cities, drawing and painting, and going to art galleries, and hanging out with artists and musicians.

Schedule a Guitar Lesson with Brian!

Guitar Lessons and Back-to-School Guitar Sale in Flemington, NJ

Are you currently taking guitar lessons and you feel it's time to upgrade your instrument?  Perhaps, you or your child has been taking beginner guitar lessons on an acoustic guitar and is now ready to switch to an electric guitar.  If so, read on.

In addition to providing acoustic and electric guitar lessons by outstanding teachers, Hunterdon Academy of the Arts, through its in-house retail arm (CrossBorder Music), is now offering a truly spectacular opportunity to acquire high-quality electric guitars at an incredible 40%--yes, FORTY PERCENT--discount on the MAP price.  You will not find these guitars advertised at such low prices anywhere else.  Frankly, we're selling these instruments at a loss to CrossBorder Music.  We'd like to get them into the hands of passionate, talented guitarists because we figure that hanging on the walls, they aren't doing anyone any good!

Among the steeply discounted guitars are several G&L's--including a beautiful U.S.-made bass--and DBZ's--about 12 guitars in all.  If you're interested in buying any of them, you may want to get there as soon as possible.  We're located within the facility of Hunterdon Academy of the Arts at 4 Minneakoning Road, Flemington, NJ.

THIS SALE ENDS ON 9/30/2012!

Guitar Lessons flemington

Battle of the HAA Bands: Summer Camp 2010

rock band camp 2010This past week, we hosted our long-awaited Pop/Rock Band Camp, and we're happy to say that it was a great success for all involved.  A total of 20 students participated this year, and they formed 4 different bands.

Grouping the students into separate bands can be tricky; they come to the event with different skill levels on their instrument and different musical expertise, some having played longer and advanced further than others.  Musical tastes can also vary greatly among teenagers.  While some may like classic Rock, others prefer Pop or Metal.  But we always try to offer something for everyone!

It takes some really experienced instructors to make such a band camp work and get these students ready for a public performance within the span of only a week!  We are fortunate to have guitar teacher and professional songwriter Jen Ketrow as well as Robin Stone, a long-standing Rock Band instructor, on our faculty.  Working with two different bands each, Robin and Jen made it possible for these students to have a very exciting rock band experience.

For the duration of the week, each band was assigned its own room at our spacious Flemington facility, rehearsing daily for three hours.  The bands were quite different in terms of the songs they chose, and two of them even composed their own music!

The crowning conclusion of our Pop/Rock Band Camp was the Battle of the (four) HAA Bands: "Rated Rock," "Fire in Ice," "Dark Energy," and "Different Pages."

This concert, which was open to the public, took place on Friday, July 16 at Camp Carr in Clinton, NJ.  Below are some video and sound samples from the concert.  Enjoy!

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