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MusikGarten: Music Makers at Home in the World

Ages 4 - 6 | Flemington, NJ


Ages 4 to 6

Part 1 of our two-year sequential Music Makers program gives your child a solid music-making foundation. This year focuses on your child’s fascination with nature and love of instruments.
Weekly classes are 60 minutes in length, with parents or caregivers joining for the last 10 minutes.


  • Provides a developmentally sound approach to music literacy that builds symbolic thinking, concentration, memory and self-expression.
  • Introduces orchestral instruments and ensemble play.
  • Focuses on building a child’s aural (listening) foundation which leads to long-term success with music reading.


  • Singing, creative and structured movement.
  • Training of the ear.
  • Coordination of body and voice.
  • Enhancement of self-discipline and social skills.
  • First steps in reading music.
  • Stories, songs and sounds from the world of nature: My Home, Woodlands, Marsh, and others.
  • Introduction to 6 instrumental ensembles, with fine recordings and full color posters.

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