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Piano Lessons

Lebanon, NJ


Now you have easy access to the professional piano instructors of Hunterdon Academy of the Arts, at our new campus location in Lebanon!

While the appearance and mechanics of the piano have evolved significantly since the eighteenth century, the instrument has hardly lost its great appeal. Moreover, piano lessons continue to be a critical component specifically of music education, and more generally, piano studies remain what many still consider to be an important part of a well-rounded education. Several other reasons also suggest that you may want to consider the piano as your instrument of choice.


Why Learn the Piano?

  • Whether you are a young or mature keyboard beginner, the piano is relatively easy to start.  It will yield musical results fairly quickly, boosting your confidence level.  Early successes in playing melodies and chords on the piano are also strongly motivational.
  • You don't have to worry about tuning your instrument each time you want to play it; the piano is tuned periodically by a professional tuner who comes to your house.
  • In playing the piano, you don't need to be concerned about basic tone production, as required for other instruments (e.g., how to make a violin string sound beautiful; how to get a sound--any sound--out of a trumpet; etc.) 
  • Versatility: the piano, as well as its recent, easily portable successor--the electronic keyboard--is featured in many different performance contexts, from intimate living room settings to open-air spaces and large concert halls. It can be performed solo (all by itself) or with others (duets, chamber music settings, bands, orchestras, etc.), and players can choose from a vast variety of musical repertories
  • Moreover, piano students enjoy important educational benefits.  Taking piano lessons greatly improves a student's understanding of music theory and will most certainly result in better music grades at school.  

Further Benefits of Piano & Keyboard Lessons

For children, in particular, there are additional benefits of taking piano lessons that go far beyond music study.







What if I Don't Own a Piano (Yet)? 

Yes, pianos can be pricey to purchase, but if you are hesitant to make that investment just yet, there are low-cost alternatives. Among these, we have had a wonderful relationship with the Jacobs Music Company in Lawrenceville, NJ, which offers our students a rent-to-own piano lease program on very low monthly rates.  Another low-cost solution is the purchase of an electronic keyboard, at least temporarily to get you started. These now come in a great variety of models and price ranges. If you go that route, please make sure that the keyboard has weighted keys and is touch-sensitive. Ultimately, the traditional acoustic piano will yield the greatest musical benefits. 

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