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ROCK Plus: The New Rock School in Flemington, NJ

ROCK Plus is an exciting program introducing children and teenagers to the world of bands. Performance-based, ROCK Plus is designed for students who are strongly committed to performing regularly in public. In this program, students do get a solid foundation in Classic Rock, but musical training goes much further. Bands perform a broad variety of styles, ranging from the flashiest examples of Pop to some of the hottest new songs produced. Learning and performing the songs involves good note-reading skills but also the students' active participation in the creative process. With the ability to add their own personal twists to the music, ROCK Plus students bring the classic tunes into the modern day.



ROCK Plus is open to students taking:

  • Guitar or Bass Guitar Lessons
  • Drum Lessons
  • Keyboard Lessons
  • Voice Lessons

ROCK Plus includes two weekly activities--Private Music Lessons and a Band Rehearsal

In your one-on-one music lessons, you develop the technical skills required to play your instrument. Equally important, private lesson instruction prepares you for the songs you will play in your weekly band rehearsals.

It is in the band rehearsals where the music really comes to life! Under the guidance of HAA Instructors with significant band experience, students collaborate to form bands and rehearse for public performances. In addition to learning collaboration skills, band members are also trained in the art of soloing and improvisation--an absolute must for any band musician!

ROCK Plus is available at two different levels:

MY FIRST ROCK BAND (Ages 8 to 12) is our entry-level track, designed for students with a minimum of 6 months to a year of prior music lesson training. At this level, students learn the basics of how bands function, and discover for the very first time how exciting it is to play with other musicians in a group. In "My First Rock Band," students are exposed to some great examples of Rock songs, but also get their feet wet with more challenging songs as their skills improve and their band begins to "gel." By audition or HAA Instructor recommendation.

RISING STARS (Teenagers) is the "professional" track of ROCK Plus, preparing students for concerts in venues in and around Hunterdon County. It is intended for advanced students with several years of prior music lesson training. Similar to "My First Rock Band," "Rising Stars" take weekly one-on-one music lessons focused on their band songs, but their band rehearsals are longer and bands perform a larger number of songs. As your musical and collaborative skills mature, you and your band mates will learn how to inject your creative spin on your favorite songs, which gives your bands its own unique voice in the performance world. By audition or HAA Instructor recommendation.

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