"ActinGarten 2"

ActinGarten | Ages 5 - 6



Nurture your child’s imagination and fascination with performing! ActinGarten 2 allows students to perform as familiar characters and create their own characters through improvisational activities. Beginning with basic theatre concepts such as physical and emotional character development, ensemble building and pantomime, students will also practice more advanced topics such as projection, stage directions, improvisation and “Scene-Scapes" (background activities). Children will also practice theatre etiquette and basic theatre appreciation through deeper discussions about how performances affect the audience and how to behave as an audience member. Once a month, the actors will perform a short demonstration of a familiar story for their families.

Learning Goals

ActinGarten 2 will continue the development of verbal and nonverbal communication, emotional intelligence, active listening and self-confidence. We will also begin to encourage students' critical response skills by asking them to describe how they feel after performing themselves and after watching their cast mates perform. They will discuss what makes for effective communication and storytelling and learn to appreciate theatre as an artform.


  • Further language development to aid in ability to respond to classroom performances
  • Expansion on views of the world around us
  • Deeper exploration of emotions
  • More complex interaction with peers as “cast mates” in classroom performances
  • Improved focus and memorization
  • Body awareness and self confidence
  • First steps toward improvisation by thinking about what a character would say or do
  • Enhancement of self-discipline and social skills
  • Deeper understanding of “watching space” and “performing space,” through the ability to watch classmates perform
  • Create a classroom space dedicated to theatre appreciation and theatre etiquette

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