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Acting Classes in Flemington, NJ

Acting instruction can be a very beneficial and truly life-changing experience! It is a powerful confidence booster, teaching you how to present yourself in public, hone your public speaking ability, and improve your communication skills, among other important benefits. Like music and dance, acting as a performing art is also extremely enjoyable and exciting in its own right. Are you ready to start acting or performing in a play? Are you aiming for that leadActing_classes_Flemington_NJ role in your high school play? If you are a vocalist, would you like to improve your stage presence to become a stronger and more captivating singer? Do you have prior acting experience and would like to advance your skills in a supportive educational environment? You can achieve any and all of this in our Acting Program!

Acting 101, Acting 201, and Acting 301 are designed for students in age groups 7 to 9, 10 to 12, and 13 to 17, respectively. The instructors, Ms Kristen and Ms Susan, have extensive experience in teaching dramatic arts to students of various ages and levels of ability. They mainly use the Stanislavsky System for beginning actors, but will use the Meisner Technique instead if they feel a particular student might be more receptive to it. They also incorporate the Alexander Technique in their lessons and classes to help students relax, develop good posture and feel more comfortable in their own bodies.

For more information, please click on the links below:

Acting 101 (Ages 7 to 9)

Acting 201 (Ages 10 to 12)

Acting 301 (Ages 13 to 17)

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