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Referral Contest

Refer Your Friends for a Chance to Win a Prize!


We absolutely love referrals! When you refer your friends to us, not only do we grow as an institution, but you help create a community of like-minded families who appreciate our services and enjoy each other's company. It's a great experience all around!

Win-Win Referral Rewards

Since referring your friends is a win-win, we would like to reward you both: you, for recommending us, and your friend, for joining us. If your friend registers as a result of your referral, you and your friend will each receive a $25 check in the mail! To qualify for the reward, your referral must be a new family. Referral credits don't apply to members of the same family and can't be issued retroactively to previous registrations.


NEW Referral Contest!
Drawing on 3/31!

summer referral prize!

Rules of Referral Contest

  • Your referral must be a new family, who has never attended our school.
  • Referral credits don't apply to members of the same family.
  • Referral credits can't be issued retroactively to previous registrations. This means that ReferrED Family must identify referral source at time of Registration.
  • For each referral, both you and your friend will receive a $25 Referral Reward check from us.
  • Both you and your friend will enter the Raffle.
  • For each family you refer, you will receive an additional Raffle Entry, thus dramatically increasing your chance to win.



Q: “Can I refer my friends to you although I’m not currently/have never been enrolled at Hunterdon Academy of the Arts?
A: Absolutely! We’ll just send you a check in the mail.

Q: “How will you know that I referred a new family to you?”
A: There are two ways to make sure we know:

  • Tell your friend to let us know about your Referral when they register. Please note that we will need at least basic contact information for the ReferrER (phone or e-mail).
  • Whether you are the ReferrER or ReferrED, the easiest way to let us know is to use our Referral Form at time of Registration. You can obtain the Referral Form by filling out the form on this webpage. We will then e-mail you the Referral Form right away. Print it out and fill in the contact information. If you are referring a friend, you can also forward them the e-mail we sent you. It's really easy.


Congratulations to Past
Referral Contest Winners!

Natalie and Sam D.

Winners of the 2018 Summer Contest

You'd be smiling too had you won this amazing $350 wireless headset by Bose, wouldn't you?? I know I would.



Jenny Gouse

Winner of the 2017 Summer Contest

And who won our Summer Referral Contest on 9/30?? CONGRATULATIONS, Jenny Gouse, on taking home the Grand Prize: a $300 super-duper high-tech UPair One Drone with all the bells and whistles you can think of. As you can tell, Jenny is is Seventh Heaven, hovering over us with her new toy!

Jenny Gouse.jpg



Luke and Nicky Berardi

Winners of the Winter 2017 Contest

Look at these guys proudly showing off their Big Prize, a Stand-Up Inflatable Paddle Board package ($299 value)!! It looks like they are ready for summer. CONGRATS!!!



Mindy Bennington

Winner of Fall '16 Referral Contest

Mindy Bennington had a big reason to smile: on December 19, she won our Fall '16 Referral Contest, taking home the Grand Prize, a beautiful $300 Breville Espresso Maker. Mindy, we hope the Breville added some magic to your Holiday Season!

Mindy Benington



Jan Coey

Winner of Summer '16 Referral Contest

On September 30, Jan Coey, pictured here with two of her children, won a Fender acoustic guitar set AND a free month of guitar lessons at HAA--a total value of $390! CONGRATS, and thank you for your referrals!!!




Megan Corbin

Winner of our Spring '16 Referral Contest

Megan, June 30, 2016 was your Lucky Day. It was the day when you won the perfect gift to capture your upcoming summer adventures--a $500 GoPro Hero4 Black camera!Hearty Congratulations!!




Dorothy Coppeto

Winner of our Winter '16 Referral Contest

Dorothy, you did it!! Dorothy Coppeto (pictured here with daughter Natalie) won our Winter Referral Contest, taking home a gorgeous Moto360 Rose Gold Watch on March 31, 2016:




Blythe Hefferan

Winner of our Fall '15 Referral Contest

Look at the big smile on Blythe Hefferan's face when she won the fall 2015 Referral Contest, taking home a $250 Amazon Gift card on December 18, 2015: 


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