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Acting Productions

Our Production Track is the second tier of our Acting Program. It is an empowering opportunity to put all of the Acting Techniques our actors have learned in the Acting Skills Track to work in a large production. Once enrolled, actors are guaranteed a role. Auditions are held to determine the part in which each actor will be the most successful. For 12 weeks, actors rehearse a full play before performing on a local stage for a larger audience. We continue to take a wholistic approach to acting in our Performance Track rehearsals, creating characters through Movement, Relationships, Vocal Work and Analysis. We also continue to strengthen life skills such as Public Speaking by performing in front of a larger audience, Non-Verbal Communication by moving in ways that depict how the characters feel, Relational Intelligence by learning to respond to other characters, Team Work by participating in Ensemble-Building exercises and Aspirational Thinking and Goal Setting by having set goals and due dates for a polished performance. Once the curtain falls after the performance and the actors are met with the thunderous applause from their family and friends, they experience an unmistakable increase in both Confidence and Self-Esteem. There really is nothing quite like it!


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Schedule of Productions

Fall 2023: "Peter Pan" (Registration is now closed.)


Spring 2024: TBA soon!

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