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Musical Theatre Production Classes

Flemington, NJ

Our Musical Theatre Production classes are 12-week (3-month) performance-focused sessions that meet once a week for 2 full hours, for a total of 24 hours of instruction. Each class has its own cast of students and will be preparing a public performance of a popular Musical on a large stage in the area.

Schedule of Productions


Starting in April, we're launching "Shrek the Musical JR" (ages 7 to 15)!



What You Get when signing up

  • A chance to participate in a stage production of one of the most well-known Musicals of all time!
  • An amazing opportunity to take your Musical Theatre skills out of the classroom and share them with the world
  • 12 consecutive weeks (24 hours, in all) of working with a whole team of Musical Theatre specialists, to improve your vocal, acting, and dancing/movement skills
  • The experience of performing a role and standing out in a cast of limited size
  • Standing in the spotlight of a large stage in the Flemington area 


Who should enroll in our Production Classes?

  • Students enrolled in Musical Theatre Skills Classes who want to experience a public stage performance 
  • Voice Lesson Students who would like to take their vocal and performance skills to a whole new level
  • Acting Students who love to sing and would like to expand into musical theatre

Who should NOT enroll in Production Classes?

  • Students who don’t enjoy singing
  • Students who don’t enjoy performing on stage
  • Students who can’t commit to the full 12 weeks of training
  • Students who can’t commit to participating in the final performance
  • Students who are not willing to practice their parts at home!



We'd love to tell you more about our programs!

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