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Acting Classes | Ages 3 - 6

Why Acting Classes Are Important for Your Child

Can you see your child perform on stage, impressing the audience with her acting skills--now or a few years down the road? As a parent, do you long for that moment when your child stands in the limelight, beaming with confidence and owning the stage? These will be truly unforgettable moments, to be remembered for as long as you live. And we will do all we can to make that dream come true for you and your family. Actually, we will do far more than that.

Perhaps, the image of a confident, happy child owning the stage is a bit of a stretch for you right now. Maybe s/he displays signs of lacking confidence or tends to be shy and uncomfortable in social situations. Perhaps, she's easily distracted? These behaviors, among others, are very common, but may prevent your child from fully enjoying her time with friends and hold her back when participating in school activities. The good news: Acting Classes offer a powerful, and very enjoyable, experience to improve, if not completely resolve these issues.

In a child's education, Drama lessons hold a very special place. The wide range of personal benefits they offer is invaluable and quite unique. When taught by professional acting instructors, drama classes have the almost magical potential to transform your child's life in fundamental ways. In fact, the powerful effects of acting classes may be unrivaled by any other educational activity.

Why? Acting classes develop a child's self-smart (intrapersonal), people-smart (interpersonal), and word-smart (linguistic)intelligences. Knowing who we are as individuals (self-smart), having good social skills in dealing with others (people-smart), and knowing how to communicate our thoughts and feelings (word-smart) are the pillars of a happy and successful life. As an incredible gift to your Little Ones, build these pillars early on, by enrolling in our early childhood acting program: ActinGarten.

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Age-Appropriate Acting Classes for Ages 3 to 6

ActinGarten nurtures and cultivates the active imagination of your child. Since young children live in a world of make-believe for a great portion of their day, they have the most creative imagination of any age group. For this reason, early childhood is a great time to introduce your Little Ones to the dramatic arts! In ActinGarten, children will immerse themselves in the art of building a character as an individual, telling a story as a group, and creating an overall classroom environment of theatre appreciation.

Our program teaches theatrical theories and concepts such as improvisation, vocal projection, pantomime and character development in age-appropriate ways, including movement, basic stage business (background actions), identifying and displaying characters’ emotions and storytelling through dramatic performance. ActinGarten's engaging activities focus your child’s attention because they are interactive and fun. But the main purpose of ActinGarten is to endow young minds with lifelong skills for the stage as well as everyday life.

Each class, regardless of age level, will be divided into three separate parts:

1. Warm up: a basic movement/word game/improvisational activity intended to focus students’ attention on the lesson or skill of each class.

2. Character Study: simple exercises designed to help students explore how characters move, speak and express emotions.

3. Storytelling: a dramatic retelling of a fairytale, fable or short story featuring the teacher in the role of the narrator and students in the roles of the characters involved.

Once a month, the classes perform a short demonstration of a story for their families.

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The ActinGarten Sequence: Overview

ActinGarten 1 (Ages 3 to 5, without Parent)

ActinGarten 2 (Ages 5 to 6, without Parent)

Find out more about the benefits of developing your child's IntrapersonalInterpersonal, and Linguistic Intelligences in Acting Classes by clicking here! 

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