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Music Lessons in Flemington, NJ

Music Lessons Tailored to Your Learning Preferences and Goals

The music lesson program at our Flemington and Lebanon campuses covers a broad range of instruments. Lessons are available in 15-minute (for very young beginners), 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute increments:

It's All About You!

To meet the individual needs of music lesson students, our teaching is highly personalized from the time of enrollment. We offer music lessons for all ages--music lessons for children and teenagers, and adult music lessons--and all levels of ability--beginner lessons, intermediate and advanced music lessons, and professional-level lessons. Whatever your aspirations--and learning preferences, we will help you reach your full potential by matching you with the most suitable faculty member. 

Structured Curriculum and Yearly Student Assessments as Key to Success

To succeed in lessons, it is important to follow a systematic path with clearly defined goals along the way.adult_music_lessons_flemington_nj We therefore strongly encourage students and teachers to follow The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. Created by Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music, The Music Development Program features a systematic, progressively sequenced music curriculum that leads students from their very beginnings to professional-level accomplishments.

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Performance Opportunities

For students in the performing arts, it is critical to have regular opportunities to perform in public. Not only do these performances represent important milestones and learning goals, but they provide a special and unique experience--a thrill, indeed--that is quite unlike playing the instrument for daily practice. Students learn what it is like to be a performer only by performing themselves! Therefore, we offer regular student recitals. Participation is strongly encouraged though not required.