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Flemington, NJ

Acting instruction can be a very beneficial and truly life-changing experience! And you can have this experience right here in New Jersey's Hunterdon County! Acting is a powerful confidence booster. Acting teaches you how to present yourself in public, hone your public speaking abilityimprove your communication skills, and work together as a member of a team. But Acting as a performing art is also extremely enjoyable and exciting! Are you ready to start acting or performing in a play? Are you aiming for that lead role in your high school play? If you are a singer, would you like to improve your stage presenceDo you have prior acting experience and would like to improve your skills in a supportive educational environment? You can achieve any and all of this in our Acting Program!

Our Approach to Teaching Acting

HAA's Acting Program uses a technique-based curriculum to teach different approaches to acting. Each unit uses the first few weeks to introduce a new acting technique through play-centered learning. Teachers guide classes through various age-appropriate exercises and games that teach students how to bring characters to life through movement, emotionality, environmental awareness and interpersonal dynamics. Students also learn how to create and respond to the physical setting of a play through pantomime, improvisation and sensory recall.

Students then apply their new skills to a wide genre of plays from the classics to contemporary works to their own original creations. After several weeks of implementing the new technique in rehearsal, students perform for their families in an intimate setting.

As students progress through each unit, learning new acting skills, they  consequently also learn and sharpen life skills. They learn to better express themselves through different forms of verbal and non-verbal communication, they increase their self-awareness and the ability to identify and express emotions, they hone social and relationship building skills and learn the importance of accountability, following directions and team-work in a collaborative setting.

Students dedicated to the art and discipline of Acting consistently demonstrate increased confidence, individuality and aspirational thinking for their future educational and career goals.

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Upcoming Performances: Spring 2024

We're so excited about the upcoming performances of our 101 and 201, Acting classes:

101 Classes will perform "Toy Store" by Jennifer Reif
201 Classes will perform "The Pirate Treasure" by Andy Pavey
301 Classes will perform "Brighter than Others" by Jeff Dunne
These plays are part of Drama Notebook's great selection of plays for young people. 

Our Acting 101, Acting 201, and Acting 301 classes are designed for students in age groups 7 to 9, 10 to 12, and 13 to 17, respectively. Our Acting Instructors have extensive experience in teaching acting technique to students of various ages and levels of ability. They mainly use the Stanislavsky System for beginning Actors, but will apply the Meisner Technique when appropriate. They also incorporate the Alexander Technique in their teaching. This helps students relax, develop good posture and feel more comfortable in their own bodies.

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