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Music Lessons for Adults

Flemington, NJ

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Because Music Is not Just for Kids!

Adults increasingly (re)turn to music-making as a recreational activity. And there are numerous reasons why they should! Music rejuvenates and increases creativity, releases stress, and has a wide range of other therapeutic benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. But perhaps most importantly, music-making is great fun and it connects people: not only do musicians and audiences need each other, but as a musician, there is no greater joy than playing with other musicians in a group.

Now that you have read this far and are still not picking up the phone to call us to enroll, what are your concerns? Echoing the most commonly heard obstacles, you probably believe that:

1. You are "just too old for this." Well, the question is, too old for what, exactly? If you study the bios of the greatest musicians in history, you may conclude that in order for you to be touring the world as a superstar on your instrument, you would have needed to start your training very early in life. But come on, this is not really what you like to accomplish, or is it? You love music and want to have the experience of making music for yourself and your friends and family. You are getting into music to have a great time, without meeting performance goals or expecting any particular outcomes. Rest assured, you can do this at any time in your life, and you can do it well!

2. Your schedule is so crazy that you just can't fit in another music lesson or class even if you wanted to. Your schedule probably IS crazy; whose isn't? Isn't this one of the reasons that got you interested in reading this page and considering music instruction for yourself in the first place? You're looking for an island of sanity to get at least a short break from your frantic daily schedule. You can find 30 minutes or an hour for anything that is important to you. It's all a matter of prioritizing.

3. The commute to and from campus just is too time-consuming: please note that for certain instruments, we now offer the convenience of Online Music Lessons. You can take these online lessons from any location, as long as you have a computer with camera and microphone and a decent internet connection! No more time, money, and gas wasted on the road!

Soooo... which instrument to choose?  So far, piano lessons for adults, adult guitar lessons, and adult violin lessons have been especially popular. But do check out our entire program of music lessons to discover your personal favorite!

All right, now fill out that form, or call us at (908) 782-4943 to get the ball rolling!

We'd love to tell you more about our programs!

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