Valentina Jotovic 2 min read

Music Lessons for Adults

A growing number of adults have been contacting us about music lessons--not for

adult trumpeter

 their kids but for themselves.  Some barely seem to have enough courage to inquire, cautioning that "it's been so many years since I took lessons."  Others tell us the story of their hectic professional lives, and that they are longing for a "peaceful island" away from it all, a place where they can relax and be creative.  Others still are beginners, wondering if they'd be able to learn an instrument later in life.  The answer is an emphatic YES, YOU CAN!  We learn, mature, and improve as long as we live, in all areas of life.

To be sure, if your goal is to become a classical music virtuoso performing in major concert halls around the world, your musical journey invariably would need to begin in childhood; it does take a long time for such a career path to develop, and even those starting early have no guarantees that their talents will ever be recognized by a national or international audience.

But this is hardly the point.  Music is enjoyable, exciting, and deeply meaningful, even more so when we turn from passive listeners into active music-makers.  Try adult music lessons for yourself, and find out how your new, or newly rediscovered, passion can enrich your life!