Valentina Jotovic 2 min read

Childhood Memories of Music (By Diane Meyer)

Music has been a part of my life from the very beginning. Singing voices filled my ears and mind with wonder.

I remember when I was quite young attending a church choir concert. I have no recollection of the place or the people, only of the sound. The sound I’m referring to is the sound of the brass voice. I’d never heard anything like that before. That low sound captured my attention as no other musical sound had before.

When I was older, I got talking to my mother about music and I
mentioned the concert/sounds that caught my attention. She explained that we had attended a combined Ukrainian Choir Concert. She knew many in the group that played that night. She was surprised that I remembered that event.

That bass sound; I am sure in a way I cannot explain, has led me to play the horn. In ringing hand bells, too, I preferred the tenor/bass bell.

The sounds of an outstanding a capella choir still fill me with wonder to this day.

Diane Meyer