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Guitar Lessons and Back-to-School Guitar Sale in Flemington, NJ

Are you currently taking guitar lessons and you feel it's time to upgrade your instrument?  Perhaps, you or your child has been taking beginner guitar lessons on an acoustic guitar and is now ready to switch to an electric guitar.  If so, read on.

In addition to providing acoustic and electric guitar lessons by outstanding teachers, Hunterdon Academy of the Arts, through its in-house retail arm (CrossBorder Music), is now offering a truly spectacular opportunity to acquire high-quality electric guitars at an incredible 40%--yes, FORTY PERCENT--discount on the MAP price.  You will not find these guitars advertised at such low prices anywhere else.  Frankly, we're selling these instruments at a loss to CrossBorder Music.  We'd like to get them into the hands of passionate, talented guitarists because we figure that hanging on the walls, they aren't doing anyone any good!

Among the steeply discounted guitars are several G&L's--including a beautiful U.S.-made bass--and DBZ's--about 12 guitars in all.  If you're interested in buying any of them, you may want to get there as soon as possible.  We're located within the facility of Hunterdon Academy of the Arts at 4 Minneakoning Road, Flemington, NJ.

THIS SALE ENDS ON 9/30/2012!

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