Valentina Jotovic 4 min read

My Favorite Pianist (By Lynda Saponara)

Since my brother, guitar teacher Mr. Chris, wrote about his favorite guitarist on this blog, I thought it would be appropriate for me to write about my favorite pianist!  Below is a link to a video of José Ramos-Santana performing part of the Iberia suite by Isaac Albéniz.  Mr. Santana was my teacher during my undergraduate studies.  Once a week we had a studio class, where we'd all perform for each other.  I know I was not alone in feeling that my favorite part of this class was having the chance to hear Mr. Santana demonstrate.  All of the things he had tried to get us to do in our piano lessons would materialize right in front of us.    
In below video, notice how he uses the weight of his upper body and arm to produce a beautiful singing sound.  He is able to play forte without "banging," and although he is playing many notes, he always shapes the phrases and brings out the melody.  He keeps his wrists just above key level (my students are used to hearing this!), and maintains a steady tempo.  He draws an array of colors from the piano through his exceptional tone and use of the pedal.
I am sure you'll enjoy hearing this as much as I do!
Lynda Saponara, Piano Teacher