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Is Your Child an Ambivert? Performing Arts for a Winning Personality

by Valentina Jotovic on October 18, 2015


We See You

As a professional musician, educator, but also a C.E.O. of YOUniversiy of Music and Arts and Hunterdon Academy of the Arts, I do quite a bit of research by reading important publications, books, as well as magazines. One of my favorite magazines is called Entrepreneur. Although Entrepreneur focuses mainly on business issues, it is also an incredible source of inspiration and is full of great examples of how 21st-century skills can help you lead a very successful and rewarding life. While reading many of the articles and success stories about new and innovative start-ups, I often smile and think to myself, “I can see Nate Wright (one of our students) running a business just like that one!” Or, “Megan Corbin (another student of ours) would be perfect for something like that!” The point is: at YOUniversity of Music and Arts, we see YOU and your potential. We work hard to develop your unique talents and personalities through performing arts, but we know you will most likely work in another field--not music or arts in general. And that is ok. That is great! If we can contribute even a little bit to your future success,
we are completing our mission. 

Winning Personality

The Entrepreneur article I read recently and could not stop thinking about is called, “A Winning Personality.” As theukulele lessons flemington nj article states, “the center of the personality spectrum belongs to ambiverts--individuals with characteristics of both introverts and extroverts. Could this balance equip them to be superior business leaders?” The article further talks about the fact that most people don’t have the word “ambivert” in their vocabulary, but if they did, they would choose it to describe themselves. I thought to myself: wow, that’s exactly what performing arts training does for people--we create “ambiverts.” We have so many students who may choose to be quiet and introspective, but also go on stage and sing, perform and share their talents. Then we have students who are naturally very open and social, but in their piano lessons, or acting classes they will be asked to explore their inner world, their feelings and thoughts. Our classroom could be one of the very few places where these young individuals get to do that: explore the opposite side of their personality and develop it. Over time, they will be able to function on a high level in both worlds, using their interpersonal (people-smart) and intrapersonal (self-smart) Intelligences.

Why Performing Arts Training

Many successful world leaders--such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates--are believed to be ambiverts. You mayacting_classes_flemington_nj wonder, then, how I can help my child to become an ambivert? You have heard many others talk about the importance of a “well-rounded education,” and I am a firm believer in that as well. But what concepts of a “well-rounded education” often lack is an understanding of the critical role played by the arts. Take advantage of performing arts programs, which will help your child become a balanced “ambivert.” Take music lessons, try some acting classes, sing in choirs, spend some time alone, thinking about the music you are playing or the role you are learning. Ask yourself, how can I enhance what I’m already good at, while also challenging myself to improve in areas where my skills are less developed still? Confronting weaknesses may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but the process is very rewarding and can transform your life.

Valentina Jotovic

C.E.O., YOUniversity of Music and Arts and Hunterdon Academy of the Arts

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