Valentina Jotovic 2 min read

Student of the Month: Keshav Viradia, Drum Lessons


IMG_6763 (1).jpgThis month we’re congratulating Keshav Viradia on winning November’s Student of the Month Award!! Keshav is an 11 year old drum lesson student and has been attending HAA for over 6 years.

What do you like about your teacher and the way he plays and teaches music? I really like how my teacher is loose, but still can guide me though. He teaches like the student is his friend, which helps me focus.

You’ve been with us for many years. What do you like about being part of Hunterdon Academy of the Arts? I love how playing a instrument can lead to so many opportunities, especially at HAA.

What kind of music do you like to listen to in your free time? I mainly listen to dubstep, like Skrillex and Teminite.

We interviewed you last year because of an important award you received. What’s new in your life since? I have actually quit piano, which is what I got that award for. I have moved to drums and I started to play the flute for my school. I am now in 6th grade.

What’s next for Keshav? What new skills are you developing: sports, hobbies, etc.? I have continued to play tennis, and I have been playing for 7 years. I am shooting for the high school team.