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Acting 101

Acting Classes for Ages 7 to 10

In Acting 101 students start with very simple, yet effective confidence-boosting exercises. They are encouraged to use their imagination and take creative-initiative in the class. Once students begin to confidently express their thoughts and ideas, they begin to work together as a team to tell stories. While working together creatively students develop listening skills and the ability to communicate clearly. The foundation of 101 is improvisational acting, which helps young actors value each other's ideas, and build on them, in order to create something exciting and dynamic.

Throughout the year students are invited to participate in low-pressure, informal public events for family and friends, where they can show off their newfound confidence and public speaking skills. In preparation for these events, students rehearse the stories they've created, develop the characters they've come up with, and end up building supportive and encouraging friendships with one another in the process!
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