Valentina Jotovic 2 min read

Music Teachers at the Mall (By Mrs. E)

kindermusik educator ann engbergI love reading the comics in the Sunday newspaper!  This week, Baby Blues was especially funny.  Hammie, the little boy in the family, was at the mall with his Mom and sister.  He was begging his Mom to hide him because he saw his teacher "right here at the mall and she was wearing flip-flops and jeans just like a regular person!"  His Mom told Hammie that when his teacher is not teaching she is a regular person.  To that, Hammie says "wait - so teachers are part-time people?" 
I laughed so hard because this has happened to me.  I will see my students while I'm out running errands around town.  They sometimes hide their eyes or don't want to talk to me - these usually are the kids who are the most talkative in class!  They are so confused why I'm not at "my house" (you know, the one that even has my kitchen in the waiting room!)  So, if I see you while I'm around town, don't worry if your child wants to hide from me.  I'll understand and just smile.  By the time they're around 4 or 5 it all starts to make sense to them!
Ann Engberg, Musikgarten Educator