Valentina Jotovic 3 min read

Why the Piano is the Perfect Music Instrument for Beginners

If you are a beginner looking for a great instrument to start music lessons, we believe that the keyboard/piano is your perfect choice:

  • The keyboard/piano is easy to start, and you are likely to achieve some nice results quickly.  You don't have to worry about a multitude of challenges that players of wind and stringed instruments need to tackle from the very beginning, including proper intonation; tone production; tuning of your instrument before every practice session; and in the case of wind instruments, developing facial muscles that are very hard to control. 
  • Playing the piano provides a solid musical foundation that will give you an understanding of the linear/melodic as well as vertical/harmonic elements of music. It will teach your ears and fingers the intricacies of polyphony and counterpoint--the simultaneous interaction between multiple independent melodies.
  • The piano is an extremely versatile instrument with a huge dynamic range, allowing you to play solo on a concert stage, accompany a singer or instrumentalist, perform in a Rock Band, or join a classical chamber music ensemble. 
  • On the keyboard, music theory comes to life, and actually becomes enjoyable!  If you have been struggling with music theory in school, keyboard studies, as an added benefit, will greatly help you improve your theory skills (and grades!).  Take the mystery out of scales, parallel keys, cadences, chord inversions, etc.  All these concepts become much clearer when playing the keyboard.
  • Once you are proficient on the piano, your musical knowledge will give you a head start on learning any other instrument, should you decide to switch.

For all these reasons, piano lessons are the backbone of music education.  Hunterdon Academy of the Arts employs a faculty of currently 12 professional piano instructors, who teach in state-of-the-art facilities.