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Discover the Excitement and Significant Life Benefits of Performing Arts Training!

What to do when you get stuck in your Music Lessons | Tips & Tricks

Music Brings Families Closer Together

Now is the Time! Music Lessons for Adults in Flemington, NJ (By Jenny Wijdenes Gouse)

Faculty of the Month: June Asai, Voice and Piano Lesson Teacher

Faculty Showcase: Angy Estrada, Piano Teacher, Flemington, NJ

Student of the Month: Emily Rubin (Piano Lessons and Acting Classes)

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Music Lessons in 2018

Faculty Showcase: Rob George--Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, and ROCK Plus Instructor

Student of the Month: Matthew Scotto, Piano, Cello, and Banjo Lessons

Faculty Showcase: Mauricio de Souza, Drum Lesson Teacher

Student of the Month: Keshav Viradia, Drum Lessons

Faculty of the Month: Brian Green, Guitar

Student of the Month: Leo Allentoff, Piano and Clarinet

Faculty Showcase: Kristen Todd, Piano

Faculty Showcase: Wade Stoneback, Piano

Student of the Month: Mikyla Scott

Faculty of the Month: Jennifer Nejman, ActinGarten

Student of the Month: Emily Gouse, ActinGarten and Piano Lessons

Faculty Showcase: Kristen Blossom, Acting

Student of the Month: Matthew Woodward (Voice, Guitar, and Acting)

Faculty of the Month: Taylor Halpern, Songwriter

Student Showcase: Luke and Nicky Berardi (Piano, Drums, and Guitar!)

Faculty of the Month: Dave Cifelli, Drums

March 2016 Faculty of the Month: Amanda Prakopcyk, Piano

Faculty Showcase: Dragana Cotra Reljin, Piano

Student Showcase: Dominic Fetzer, Piano and Voice

Faculty Showcase: Joseph Pinto, Clarinet and Saxophone

Student of the Month: Peyton Williams

Faculty Showcase: Naoko Zhezha, Piano

Student of the Month: Thomas Flynn, Piano

How Long Does It Take to Learn A Musical Instrument?

October Student Showcase: Sydney Atkinson, Guitar and Voice

Is Your Child an Ambivert? Performing Arts for a Winning Personality

Tuition-Free Musikgarten Class for Babies!

October Faculty Showcase: Tom Amoriello, Guitar Teacher

5 Reasons Why Students Extend Their Music Lessons to 45 or 60 Minutes

Student of the Month: Carolo Pascale, Guitar

Make It YOUR Flemington!

Music Lessons and the Game of Daily Practice (LuAnn Longenecker)

When Playing the Piano, Are Students Sitting at the Correct Height? (Walter F. Aparicio)

The Necessity of Structured Piano Practice (By Drew Spradlin)

Pop Song Piano Arrangements: Pros and Cons (Drew Spradlin

Ear Training and Its Benefits for the Young or Beginner Student (Drew Spradlin)

A Good Start Makes a Good Musician (Milos Tosic)

Some Thoughts on Using Acoustic Pianos vs Digital Pianos In Piano Lessons

The Importance of Memorization in the Music Learning Process

Why is it important to make music together?

How Do You Practice between Weekly Music Lessons? (By Amanda Prakopcyk)

It's OK to Be Nervous: Tackling Music Performance Anxiety

Play the Music, Not Just the Notes! Some Advice by a Violin Teacher

Staying in Tune with Your Body, Not Just Your Flute

Working with Tonal and Rhythmic Patterns in Musikgarten

Promoting Musical Understanding in Piano Performance (By Dr. David Leifer)

On Piano Practice: Piano Lessons in Flemington, NJ (Jason Gallagher)

How Does Music Make You Feel? (Ann Engberg)

Jam Sessions--Popular Among Teachers and Students Alike (By Jim Scanlan)

The Importance of Active Listening (Dominick Petrellese)

Christmas without Music?

HAA Piano Students to Win Excellence Awards at Carnegie Hall Recital

Guitar Lessons and Back-to-School Guitar Sale in Flemington, NJ

Great Piano Lessons for Kids in Flemington, NJ

How to Succeed in Music Lessons: 10 Tips

Reflections on My First Year of Teaching Musikgarten

The Joy of Being a Piano Accompanist

The Value of Experiencing Live Music Performances

Influential Guitarists (Thomas Amoriello)

Communicating Through Music (Amanda Prakopcyk)

Two New Piano Teacher Appointments!

My Life as an Accom...pianist

5 Things Every Music Ensemble Member Should Keep in Mind

Understanding Musikgarten's Cycle of Seasons

Words (and Music): By Phyllis Schmidt

Should My Child Play Piccolo?

Why Listening to Recordings is Important for Your Musical Development

Music Classes for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children: Musikgarten

Beyond Notes on a Page

Teaching Beginner Piano Lessons (By Dr. David Leifer)

One More Time, With Feeling! (By Piano Teacher Stefanie Watson)

The Kinesthetic Connection: MOVING ON UP to Higher Achievement

Keeping the Inspiration (By Guitar Teacher Steve Schaefer)

HAA Student Wins College Audition to Become Jazz Piano Major! (By Rose McCathran)

Amanda Prakopcyk on "Piano Teacher's Legacy"

Conducting from the Piano (By Piano Teacher Lynda Saponara)

In It for Life! (By Piano Teacher Rose McCathran)

Music and Making Mistakes (By Guitar Teacher Jim Scanlan)

WANTED: Motivation to Practice (By Flute Teacher Kate Alusik)

Singers, Take Care of Your Instrument in Spring! (By Voice Teacher Eileen Cooper)

Music Practice: Smart, Not Hard! Or, The "Pen Game" (By Richard Woo)

The Quality of "Piano" (By Joe Pinto)

Who Cares that what I’m Playing is a V7 Chord? (By Brandon Eldredge)

How to Get into Intermediate and Senior Regions (By Seth Rosenthal)

Drum Lessons or Video Games? (By Dave Cifelli)

Finding Your Own Voice (By Eileen Cooper)

The Violin in My Life, Part 2 (By Russell Hoffmann)

The Violin in My Life, Part 1 (By Russell Hoffmann)

From Musikgarten to Kindergarten (By Neha Gohil)

The History of Group Piano Classes (By Candy Peare)

“Learning how to…learn?” (By Stefanie Watson)

Nothing Beats a Live Piano Performance (By Amanda Prakopcyk)

In Defense of Bass Guitar (By Chris Saponara)

Childhood Memories of Music (By Diane Meyer)

How to Become a More Confident Musician (By Chris Saponara)

Freeing the Voice (By Natalie Megules)

The Benefits of Choral Singing (By Erin Repsher)

Stop Practicing, Start Playing! (By Richard Woo)

My Musical Journey on the Guitar (By Robin Stone)

I’m sorry I didn’t practice, I had [insert excuse] (By Brian Michalowski)

Steinways Coming to Flemington this Week!

More Piano and Drum Teachers

If music be the food of love, play on! (By Rose McCathran)

My Favorite Pianist (By Lynda Saponara)

I was hooked! (By Seth Rosenthal)

Musical Musicals? (By Brandon Eldredge)

You Can Play It When You Can Sing It (By Joseph Pinto)

Take a Look into the Future of Music (By Alan Rigoletto)

Singing, Opera, and the Exorcist Cat (By Phyllis Schmidt)

Music Teachers at the Mall (By Mrs. E)

Where’s the Fire?! The Rush for Readiness (By Francesca Panfilo-Milza)

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t! (By Kate Alusik, Flute Teacher)

New Violin, Voice, Piano, and Sax Teachers!

My Favorite Guitarist (By Guitar Teacher Chris Saponara)

Acclaimed College Professor Joins Hunterdon Academy of the Arts!

Four New Faculty Members to Join HAA

Congressman Leonard Lance to Speak at Hunterdon Academy of the Arts

What If My Child Just Won't Quit Music Lessons?

Piano Lessons and the Choice of Keyboard Instrument

Ms. Michele Goes to College

Battle of the HAA Bands: Summer Camp 2010

Why the Piano is the Perfect Music Instrument for Beginners

Five-Year-Old Wins Prize in Composers' Competition

Beware of Summer Learning Loss!

Orff What?

HAA Becomes 2nd Largest Trinity Guildhall Centre in U.S.

1,000 Cookies: HAA Celebrates Its 2010 Graduation (Part 2)

Single, or New to the Flemington Area?

Distinguished Saxophone Teacher Joins HAA!

"Ins and Outs" of Music Practice: Spring 2010 Survey Results (Part 2)

Music Schools Flemington: Spring 2010 Survey Results (Part 1)

Music Lessons and the Family Budget

Practicing a Musical Instrument, or Eating Cilantro?

Hunterdon Academy of the Arts Presents Choral Extravaganza

Piano Lessons Flemington

New Music Teacher Appointments!

Why Wouldn't You Sign up for Music Lessons!

How to help your child with music lessons

The Piano in My Life

Music Lessons for Adults

New Blog: Music and Art for All!

5 Things to Consider when Signing up Your Child for Music Lessons

Choir Month at HAA!